Why searchsprint is special

searchsprint® is a revolutionary new approach to executive search. It has been built on the new values, principles and practices of the Agile Movement, which according to Harvard Business Review is a dramatically different framework for management that is the key to the extraordinary success of firms in Silicon Valley, like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple with a combined net worth of some $1.3 trillion.

Adopting the Agile mindset and adding the expertise and network of Frisch Search, an executive search firm with more than two decades of placing leaders with some of the most iconic international consumer/lifestyle brands, we have created an executive talent acquisition proposition of a new kind: A fast and highly effective new approach to identifying and profiling candidates that is particularly successful when talent pools are large and complex and when conventional search and recruitment processes are no longer effective.


With an agile approach and mindset, searchsprint® approaches every search with a larger, multi-skilled team. The framework and goal to deliver a sprint in four weeks along with feedback that provides a clear overview of the best talent accessible for a specific role, empowers businesses to hire leaders with certainty and confidence.



Cost Effective


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