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What is searchsprint®

When businesses in high growth and transformation struggle with the complexity of their talent needs,
searchsprint® makes sense of the chaos.

SearchSprint makes sense of chaos

Current Search Problems

The searchsprint® Solution

Executive Search Deconstructed

We have taken the traditional executive search model and divided it into two distinct elements: the search itself and the interview and appointment process.

searchsprint® offers you a progressive method of identifying and profiling the best candidates from a large talent pool in a short space of time. The process easily integrates with the efforts of your talent acquisition team and your interview and appointment process, and is a cost effective solution for your business.


Our innovative searchsprint® solution offers fast results using our own talent mapping tools. With 20 years of executive search experience, we work with a highly developed method of candidate identification and profiling.


Each project has a dedicated searchsprint® team tailored to your needs. It can include industry experts, your talent acquisition team, hiring executives and other stakeholders within your organisation.

Cost Effective

We believe businesses should only pay for the services they need. Many businesses only need support with the initial search, while others need to outsource the entire process. We offer as much or as little help as you require.

Executive Search Reimagined